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Supported By Innovate UK EDGE

In our endeavour to create a positive change in the environment, through a platform for managing digital receipts, we appreciate the guidance and support from Innovate UK Edge, which is helping us make a difference in the world. They are assisting us in the fulfilment of our vision of not only a better, greener, and healthier Earth, but also providing better and improved services to consumers and retailers. 

Innovate UK EDGE 

It is a key part of the UK innovation agency’s investment in innovative businesses that drive economic growth. The team is known for developing business models and growth plans, committed to high-quality specialist advice, support and facilities, is one of our very first support – working to empower innovative businesses to grow and achieve in industry as well as society – transforming ambitions. They are helping innovators like us by providing ample support in the form of better business opportunities, sourcing funding and finance advice, and opening new markets, as we are trying to improve the living and working standards of the people.

Their support for our budding scalable business is essential as we try to work towards our goals. With the dedicated guidance, insight and values of such an incredible team, we have initiated the journey that helps us build a sustainable tomorrow. 

“Jamie Sheridan and I have worked with and supported Ariz, Haider and Dheeraj, the Founders of Receipts Minder Limited who have a clear path for growth whilst doing their bit to protect the environment globally. Innovate UK EDGE have provided guidance and support with Market Intelligence, Access to Funding/Finance and Grant Application Support to enable the business to achieve their short to medium term objectives. Further ongoing support will provide Receipts Minder with the knowledge to help them take their product to market both in the UK and overseas. Working closely with the Senior Management Team has given a positive insight into their business and we look forward to supporting them on their business journey.”

Phill Jones, Senior Innovation & Growth Specialist, Innovate UK EDGE

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