About Us

About Us

Our story starts with our first ReceiptsMinder, Ariz Husain, a finance professional with several years of experience in the banking and retail industry, who witnessed the piles of paper receipts in the bins outside every retail business and the chaotic experience of managing paper receipts.

His thoughts became nightmares when he studied the extent to which paper receipts can damage the environment. He pledged to build a simple and secure digital solution where consumers can receive their receipts, transaction data and proof of purchase from different businesses in a single mobile app while simultaneously contributing to the welfare of the environment.

Later, Ariz was joined by two more Minders from the field of Data Analytics and Digital Technology to drive this idea forward. With ReceiptsMinder, we are aiming to move towards a sustainable approach of data handling while minimising the environmental impact with the joint effort of both consumers and businesses.

If you are involved with paper receipts as a consumer, business or technology company, join us as our next ReceiptsMinder and help us to save the environment.

What we stand for



Transforming the way consumers and businesses handle receipt data



To free the world from paper receipts and allow both consumers and businesses to use transaction data in the most liberal way.



Intuitive, Innovative and Analytical

Our Amazing Team

Ariz Husain

Ariz Husain, MBA

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


Dheeraj Rathee

Dheeraj Rathee, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer


Haider Raza

Haider Raza, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer


Bill Mansfield

Bill Mansfield, PhD

Co-founder and Director of Business Development


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