Receipts Minder is now on board on the Angel@Essex Platform

Realizing the threats paper receipts are causing to the environment, Receipt Minder came into existence to play a role in remedying that. It is a secure and intelligent platform that manages receipts digitally. Besides positively impacting the environment, it allows businesses and customers to engage efficiently. For consumers, it gives them control over their data along with its privacy, whereas for retailers it allows better customer engagement as well as insights into their shopping habits. Thus this app helps people to do their bit to protect the environment along with improving their shopping experiences.

Receipts Minder has now joined the Angel@Essex Platform, an invitation-only investment network that connects angel investors with business owners having creative ideas, promoting the growth of new technology and making sure that both parties gain from it. The platform seeks out concepts that will alter how we live our daily lives. This is done by encouraging innovation that contradicts conventional knowledge in the field of science, technology, low-carbon, machine learning, AI, virtual reality, and creative digital, and tries to make a change in the current scenario.

Receipt Minder is such an initiative that is trying to bring out a change in the present situation, where there is high deforestation, pollution and other environmental threats. Just by switching to this app, one can save thousands of trees that would have been otherwise used to make paper receipts. Join us in our journey as we try to achieve our goal of a sustainable earth. Potential investors can contact the team to join the network of investors and fund managers on the Angels@Essex platform.

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