Why retailers are making the switch from paper receipts to digital receipts

Over the past few years, there is a gradual change in the shopping experience. After purchasing from a retailer, a consumer is asked “How would you like your receipt?”.

Currently, the choice only focuses on paper or digital email receipts. Many people dislike providing their email addresses. ReceiptsMinder overcomes this issue by providing a ‘scan and go’ solution without the fear of receiving unwanted emails afterwards. ReceiptsMinder allows retailers to seamlessly move to a predominantly digital receipts system, reducing printing costs and providing a better service for their customer.

Statistically, almost 90% of all receipts end up being thrown away. Despite this, receipts are still the primary form of proof of payment. It is important to have a payment record to track expenses as failure to produce receipts can result in significant financial loss. This is where digital receipts provide a solution, benefitting both the retailers and the consumers.

Benefits of digital receipts for retailers

  • Convenient for the consumers: Digital receipts provide a hassle-free and efficient experience. Moreover, they are difficult to lose, resulting in easier returns. Consumers also like digital receipts because, unlike thermal paper receipts, they will not fade over time and are convenient to store.
  • Engaging consumers online: Digital receipts promote engagement between businesses and consumers through reviews, referrals, and loyalty programs, encouraging offline customers to visit the retailer’s website.
  • Providing a personalized experience: A personalized shopping experience attracts more consumers to a business. In fact, 78% of consumers will only engage with offers that have been personalized based on previous engagements with that brand. A digital receipt system does not only act as a personalized promotional message but helps the retailer to realise customers’ individual needs leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Save Money: Retailers need to spend millions of pounds with paper receipts. Email receipts are less expensive as they do not need printing on paper. The cost of setting up and maintaining a digital receipt system is minimal and will be recovered quickly as costs are a fraction of the amount spent on paper. Thus economically, digital receipts are a great choice for retailers.

In today’s time, when consumers are expecting both convenience and a personalized shopping experience, retailers need to switch to digital receipts. Doing so would not only allow retailers to fulfil these expectations, but it would benefit them in the form of additional revenue. ReceiptsMinder is a platform that helps to facilitate the retailer in providing this solution.

Join us in our journey as a minder where you will not only be promoting sustainability but also experiencing superior retail services.

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